We build CxO teams for capacity-building initiatives.


01 - Develop relationships

We develop relationships with philanthropic, private equity/venture capitalist firms, government agencies, etc. to identify and recruit professional teams to augment capacity in the field, reducing project execution risk and lower total costs. We have estimated that our predecessor project delivered more than US $1.5 million in pro bono services at 1/15 of the cost to our partners. tf. will recruit a Technical Advisory Board (TAB) and a purpose-built team(s) over the 2019-2021 period to support the completion of Project H2O.

02 - Define "Work Tracks"

tf. helps build capacity through its professional networks. With our development partners, we will identify high impact, critical "Work Tracks" required to reduce project execution risk, to reduce project costs, and to accelerate project completion.

03 - Recruit CxO Team

tf. will recruit a team of volunteer business leaders and engineering professionals (CxOs) to tackle specific "Work Tracks" and other initiatives directly related to the implementation of the project.

04 - Deploy CxO Team

tf. will manage the purpose-built, volunteer CxO team to tackle specific work initiatives for the completion of the project within a 6 month to 9 month term, including 2-3 week field-level work.

05 - Monitor Outcomes

tf. will monitor Donor Capital throughout the development lifecycle, representing donors on the Governance Committee and the Investment Committee for the duration of the project. tf. will also issue tax receipts to Canadian donors.

06 - Report Outcomes

tf. will report annually on the status of projects, including financials, technical reports, milestones, and other key performance metrics, etc. tf. will also arrange an asset tour for donors, if requested.